Courtesy 16’ moving van available for use when you buy or sell a home with Kritsonis & Lindor.

Are you moving to Seattle or a local area?

There is no need for you to look for a moving truck or moving van to move your items. We have you covered. We can even help to connect you with movers and help to get things coordinated!

Looking to pick up or deliver furniture, move your child into an apartment or college, or just take a load to the dump? Feel free to use the truck for any moving service you need!

We are excited to offer our clients who have used Kritsonis & Lindor to buy or sell a home a courtesy moving van is making rounds and making our client's moves one step simpler.

All we ask in return for this free service

Please provide a copy of your driver's license & insurance card and return the moving truck with a full tank of gas for the next client.


Van Reservation Request Form

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The Zillow reviews are already rolling in:

"Our house sold in about 4 days with a bidding war surpassing our wildest dreams. John made our move very easy by lending us a moving truck."
-Bill & Peggy | August 2018

"We discovered both Karl & John have this incredible proactive desire to go the extra mile. For example, I was talking with John in our driveway after signing & mentioned I am going to need a truck to start hauling furniture. John quickly replied, 'I have a moving van you can use and would be happy to drop it off for you tomorrow.' The van worked great!"
- Kent & Renee | August 2018